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Client Services

Delivering powerful website design, social media & marketing solutions, we deliver traffic!

Media Strategy

Have you checked your website lately? Is it tired and worn out? Is it actually working for you to gain the leads needed to make visitors your next customers? Most industry experts believe that your website should be refreshed every few years. Every project begins with a conversation. We provide thorough ideas for clarity and “no-surprises” pricing. Discuss the look, site navigation, functionality and timeline. Work directly with you in the designe to establish the look of your site.


Digital Marketing

As a business owner, you know your company’s online presence should extend beyond its website. Social media, email marketing and search engine optimization (seo) can all help drive customers and increase brand awareness. But for many businesses, executing a digital marketing plan is easier said, than done. 65% off all businesses do not have a website. Whether you find yourself too busy with the day-to-day operations of your company or simply don’t know where to start, we can help.

Branding & Identity

First impressions matter and what your  website says about you and your business is important. Do you WOW people or just blend? Don’t blend. Be memorable. 24 Hour Media is a top ranked  digital marketing and advertising agency specializing in website design & development, social media & search engine marketing. In order to create marketing that matters, we create memorable images for your business.


Social Media Management

Do you tweet? Do You Instagram? YouTube? Pin?  Facebook Outdated?  Maybe? Then you need our help. WE DRIVE TRAFFIC TO SOCIAL MEDIA. We Specialize in management of social media pages for businesses. Since women are over 65% of the users of social media, social media is now how most companies manage their public  relations customer service. We can set up your social media pages, and drive leads to your website. Keep postings current. Postings turn website visitors into customers.

Keep in mind, social media should not be used as a WEBPAGE, it's very limited.

Interactive Design

Website interactive marketing is all about helping your ideal customers find you online. It's where they go to find information to overcome obstacles. Your customers have changed their shopping behavior and even how they like to receive their ads, so you need a new way to reach them. Your website and your digital marketing need to cater to your audience. Marketing focuses on attracting the right kind of customer and then turning them into happy clients who tell others about you.



Does your website content catch the eye of your customers? Or is it missing the mark? When customers interact with you in person, they rely on non-verbal communication to assess your honesty and knowledge. But when they're online, the quality of the content and the overall experience is what makes customers decide if they want to do business with you. WE deliver fresh content. Tell us your needs, we place information into content for customer delivery.

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